Oscommerce register_globals issue

If you are being informed that
register_globals is off, register_globals needs to be enabled.

  1. Upload a new file to your web hosting account into the same folder or
    directory that the program is reporting the error from named:

  2. Edit that new file and put this code in it:
    register_globals = On
  3. Save.

You may need to upload or copy the same php.ini file to several folders
or directories including, admin, catalog etc to ensure your scripts work across the entire site.

Your scripts or program has
been programmed in a way requiring register_globals to be turned On to work. It is poor security and you should contact the script makers to fix this issue or upgrade to be PHP 5 compliant.

Please note that we have disabled register_globals on some servers and
will be doing so on all servers over time.
register_globals turned on is a security issue for PHP and the newest
version of PHP will put an end to the use of register_globals. This will force programmers to program more secure code.

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